Welcome to the Infant Room

We are so happy to have the opportunity to be an extension of home for our smallest learners. Our nurturing staff will work with all families to make sure your childs rountine stays consistent with home. We believe every child's social, emotional and developmental needs are just as important and physical needs . 

Welcome to the 1 year old room 

We would like to thank you for allowing us to provide quality care for your child. We want to parnter with families in the care and development of your child. Our daily activities will allow your child to explore and learn in a safe, loving and nurturing atmosphere. Children are exposed to a variety of multiscensory activitiess as they develop at their own pace. Children will  learn through,  singing, reading stories and playing, all which help stimulate fine and gross motor skills at this age.

Welcome to the 18-24 month’s where we strongly believe children learn the best through play! Imagination, like children does not run in a straight line and in this classroom we love watching it run wild!  We also love helping the children create their OWN art work, painting and coloring. Some of the other things we nurture in our clasroom; sharing, safety, and nice touches

Welcome to the 2 year old room. In our classroom we love to do art projects, group time activities, outside play and so much more! We begin to learn our ABC’s, continue working on shapes and colors, numbers, as well as social skills such as manners and gentle touches. We also start working on potty training. We can’t wait to have you!

Welcome to the 3 year old room. This room is one of many learning opportunities through play, art, music and stories. We have daily discussions about new topics we are learning. We focus on enhancing social skills, manners, increasing Independence, and using our words. Through all of our learning, we make it fun!

Welcome to the 4K wrap room! I’m so glad you are here! We are going to have a lot of fun learning, playing, and growing together! Get ready to sing, dance, and expand your imagination!

Welcome to the School Age Room

Welcome to our SBK family! We pride ourselves in offering an atmosphere where children feel like they are being cared for by family. Our classroom is bright, colorful, and inviting! We believe that developing a sense of community is very important and will have many activities set up for the children to get to know more about all of their friends.  Our summer program is so much fun! We enjoy field trips every Friday and weather permitting, Water Wednesdays .